Molding of plastic materials

Molding of plastic materials

In addition to the construction of moulds, Arteplast offers its customers molding services for plastic and thermosetting materials.

Currently, in fact, the company, which works in three shifts, has a fleet of machines as follows:

  • 26 thermoplastic presses with a tonnage from 35 to 450 tons
  • 8 presses for thermosetting from 35 to 150 tons
  • 2 deburring machines

Arte Plast has been dealing with the processing of plastic materials and various types of components for years.

We are already supporting companies with regards to production for the automotive, electromechanical and electrical sectors.

The innovation, technology and passion of our team have made it possible to produce high-quality components, specific for particular and delicate industrial sectors. Precision and attention to detail are an integral part of our product.

Our headquarters located in Trezzo sull’Adda, in the province of Milan and very close to the motorway exit, can quickly and dynamically supply all companies interested in our products.


Molding of thermosetting plastic materials

The molding of thermosetting plastic materials can be achieved with different procedures, selected from time to time on the basis of customer requests.


Molding of thermoplastic materials and overmolding

We mainly use technical nylons, with and without fibers and most of the technical polymers of the polymer pyramid, such as for example PEEK, PTFE and PPSU.

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